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100% leakage problem solved

Cost effective

Zero maintenance

Less time to construct

Aesthetic Look

Easily changed if damaged

Low weight construction

Increase building life

Good thermal insulation

Possesses stability under different circumstances

Transparent sheet can be placed

Cool preservation to building


We demonstrate the spirit of progress through :

Our will but also the firm belief that one can always improve on the present situation.

Acceptance of the evaluation of our performance, which compares us to our colleagues in the company, or with competitors.

Self-evaluation, because understanding one's successes as well as one's failure is fundamental to continuous improvement.

A balance between ambition and humility.

Optimism, the belief that for every problem there is a solution, an innovation, or some way to progress.


They guide us in all of our day-to-day activities.


A foundation of loyalty between A. S. Enterprises and its clients, employees, and workman based on honest open relations. Trust is one of the cornerstones of operations in our organizations.


Humanity is at the heart of our business. A. S. Enterprises is committed to providing equal opportunities regardless of race, origin, age, gender, beliefs, religion or lifestyle choices. "Improving Quality of Life" means treating each person with respect, dignity and consideration.


This is one of A. S. Enterprises major principles, and is a constant with all stakeholders: clients and employees.


We do not tolerate any practice that is not born of honesty, integrity and fairness, any where in the world where we do business.

We clearly communicate our position on this issue to our clients, suppliers, and employees and expect them to share of our rejection of corrupt and unfair practices.

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